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Backpack Buddies Program

Smithfield Community Development, Inc. is the non-profit organization under which the Backpack Buddies Program exists. The Backpack Buddies Program began by attempting to “feed” children with little or no food over the weekend. Before COVID-19 appeared, the program sponsored several local schools in Smithfield and surrounding areas with at least 20 backpacks (100-150 bags per week) of easily accessible food items for school children who got little food over the weekend. 


Since the onset of COVID-19, our partnership with the Central Food Bank of Alabama

and local food vendors, the program now sponsors a monthly food distribution on

the second Saturday of every month. The program gives away fresh produce, meat, milk, butter, eggs, other available dry goods, etc., in two to three 35-40-pound bags at each distribution. Family recipients get 2-3 bags, along with at least 75-100 elderly recipients, 50-100 homeless individuals, and other community residents.


The Need 

The Smithfield Community was once a thriving community for the African American population. Currently, residents in the area travel outside the community to purchase food and other necessities. Community resources now differ since many individual-owned food stores or chains no longer exist.


The Mission Statement 

The Mission of the Backpack Buddies Program is to assist in feeding children and their families who face little or no food. The program is part of Smithfield Community Development, Inc., a non-profit organization. Our location is Saint Paul AMEC, 300-Fourth Court North, Birmingham, AL 35204. Rev. Brian K. Blackwell is the pastor of this church. For more information, contact the office of Mrs. Shorter at 205-251-9438 or the director Dr. Belita Webb, at 205-602-2846.


We have a food giveaway on the second Saturday of each month. Elderly individuals are welcome also!

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