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Working from Home




Financial Report

Home Ownership

The Home Ownership Program is a series of courses that equip individuals or families with the know-how on obtaining a home. This program also serves first time homeowners in obtaining financing through local banks.

Home Rehabilitation

Our Home Rehabilitation Program helps qualified families and individuals make repairs to their homes to ensure a safe and suitable living environment.

Using an Electric Drill

Foreclosure Prevention

Our Foreclosure Prevention Program educates homeowners on ways to avoid foreclosure. It is also set up to financially assist qualified individuals who face the possibility of foreclosure.

Adult Students

Education Support Services

We provide after school tutoring services, use of our computer lab for homework assignments, and summer camps to ensure students avoid "summer learning loss/slide".

Nutrition Programs

We focus on providing healthy nutrition for low income families.  We support the families in our communities by providing a weekly nutrition bag stocked with healthy food options for the week.

Volunteers Packing Food
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