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Smithfield Community Development Corporation (SCDC) is a non-profit organization that created to help the residents of the Smithfield community in Birmingham, Alabama.

Since 2019, our mission has been to provide housing, education, and nutritional support for our residents to help promote stability, safety and economic development in this area. Our success is based upon our strategic partnership with nonprofit organizations, business leaders and members of the local community.

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Smithfield Community Development Corporation is a catalyst to improve the quality of life in the Smithfield area.  Through utilization of innovative and creative methods, we seek to:

  • Employ a holistic approach to building community.

  • Develop, protect and restore attractive, quality, and affordable housing.

  • Encourage partnerships among other organizations with common goals and interests.

  • Empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient


The Smithfield CDC works to fortify, edify, and empower its community members to be independent, confident, and great citizens who serve as role models for others.  We do this through our Home Ownership, Education, and Nutrition programs.


Home Ownership Program

Community strength begins with individual ownership.  Learn how we help secure our community through home ownership and rental programs.

Interested Student

Education Support Services

"It takes a village to raise a child" goes the old African proverb.  The Smithfield CDC works to ensure the entire village, young and senior, has educational resources.

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Nutrition Programs

The Smithfield CDC, in partnership with local food banks, provides fresh vegetables and non-perishable items to ensure the community enjoys nutritious, healthy meals.

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Our Key Values Are

Self Help

Community Building


Collaboration at the Neighborhood Level

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